JF hestar is a small family run business, based in Hofsós in Skagafjördur in the north of Iceland. For three generations we have been breeding and training horses. Today it’s Jóhann Fridgeirsson and Fridgeir Ingi Jóhannsson who runs the business – both known to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced horsemen. Working together with them is also Freya Amble Gisladóttir. Jóhann’s wife Elsa Stefánsdóttir is known for her wonderful home cooking. Fridgeir’s sisters Silja and Sonja are also happy to come home and help out every now and then.

In the summer we offer exclusive riding tours in small and friendly groups, which will give you a personal and special experience. The landscape is breathtaking, and will make you want to return again and again. In September you have a unique possibility to join the traditional horse round up in Unadalur, and in February you can combine riding in a winter wonderland with visits to different breeding farms, when the horses are home from the valleys.

For the last 30 years Jóhann have been working spring and autumn in Sweden, where he is a very popular riding instructor, with fully booked courses all over the southern parts of the country.

Over the years we have bred and raised many horses that have been sold on to happy owners in Iceland and in Sweden. Until 2004 under the farm name Hof, and after that Berglandi 1.

Photo: Tommi Muhonen, Sofie Lahtinen Carlsson & Lina Kronholm


Hofsós is situated in Skagafjördur in the north-west of Iceland, ca 320 km from Reykjavik and 40 km from Saudarkrokur. It has a natural harbour, that is one of the oldest trading harbours in Iceland, and also has been the base of Hofsós fishing industry over the years. Today there are 200 inhabitants in Hofsós.

In Hofsós you will find a beautiful swimming pool overlooking Skagafjördur, where you swim with a full view of the ocean, and then relax in the heated pool.

You will find a well sorted grocery store, a small restaurant, a few B&B:s and a camping site. You can also walk along the sea and admire the impressive basalt columns.

Here you will find The Icelandic Emigration Center (Vesturfarasetrid á Hofsósi), where you can study the Icelandic emigration to North America in the beginning of the 19th century.