JF Classic

We ride in three different valleys in stunning nature.


Price includes transfer from Reykjavik (BSI) – Hofsós, accommodation, riding and dinner in the evenings. Lunch, tea/coffee will be served from a following car every riding day (except for the last).

(There may be changes in the daily programme)


Day 1: Bus departs from Reykjavik/ BSI Bus station att 12.00 noon for transfer to Hofsós. Please make sure you book a flight with arrival time early enough to allow you to get into Reykjavik before 12 – or arrive one day early. After arrival in Hofsós you are invited to a welcoming dinner with the family, and a brief presentation of the week to come.

For JF CLASSIC SPECIAL Please note there is one extra riding day.

Day 2: Presentation of the horses on the tour. Riding with brief instructions, to get to know the horses. In the afternoon we ride together into the valley, approx 2 hours. After the horseback riding there is time to go for a swim in the swimming pool in Hofsós, if you like. In the evening we all have dinner together.

Day 3: Today we ride with a herd of free running horses towards Kolbeinsdalur, 25-30 km. We leave our horses on the mountain in the afternoon, and are picked up by bus and taken back to our lodgings in Hofsós. Today you also have the possibility to go for a swim before dinner.

Day 4: We go back by bus to our horses around 09:30 am. We ride from Kolbeinsdalur down to Hjaltadalur, from where you can see to Hólar. We will also be passing by the big and famous “rétt” for the horse round up in Laufskalarétt. We will ride with the herd of horses all day. In the late afternoon we will be leaving our horses again on a farm, and will be picked up by bus and taken to the hot spring in Grettislaug. After a dip in the hot spring we go back to Hofsós for dinner.

Day 5: We start the day by going back to our horses, and will start riding around 11:00 am. Today we take our herd of horses back to Hofsós. Dinner in the evening.

Day 6: The last riding day ends with a riding tour far into the valley of Unadalur, also known as “The Horse’s Paradise”. In the summer herds of horses graze freely around the valley, and in these magnificent surroundings all of JF Hestar’s horses grow up in freedom to be strong, intelligent and beautiful creatures. People often say this is an experience for life. Farewell dinner in the evening.

Day 7: Bus departs from Hofsós at 08:00 am and return to Reykjavik (BSI) around 13.00 pm. The bus journey takes approx 5 hours, plus check-in so book a flight with departure after 4.30 pm if you want to leave on the same day.

For JF CLASSIC SPECIAL there is one extra riding day in the middle of the programme. Here you get the chance to ride through yet another valley, Deildardalur, and visit the famous Icelandic University for Equine studies, Hólar, on horseback. It is a unique and special experience.


Photo: Leif Bergqvist, Eva Lind & Lena Jovén



28 June – 4 July  THE JF CLASSIC  (Price: 2.200 €) Fully booked

8 July – 15 July THE JF CLASSIC SPECIAL (1 day extra, Price: 2.430 €) (Fully booked)

29 July – 5 August THE JF CLASSIC SPECIAL (1 day extra, Price: 2.430 €)

Landsmót will be held 1 – 7 July 2024 in Reykjavik. The first two of the above tours can be combined with that event. (Fully booked, but please contact us)