Winter Tours 2024



Experience the Icelandic riding and horse keeping in the winter. Riding in snow and rugged winter conditions is a unique experience and totally different from Iceland in the summer! We are also happy to be able to use our new riding stables with an indoor riding area!

On this tour we would like to present how the Icelandic horse is handled and kept during the winter season. What is it like for the horses in training, and how are the young horses getting on?

During the winter season it’s easier to visit the farms in the area, and meet the horses that are now stabled, fed and trained regularly. We will visit a number of famous breeding farms during the week.

The highlight of the stay is of course the possibility of real winter riding. If we are lucky we will be able to toelt on ice, or ride in moonlight. If we’re extremely lucky we might also experience the Northern Lights. After the riding tours we can warm up in a hot tub.

Arrival Sunday/Monday, departure Friday/Saturday.

As the weather conditions can change a lot during the winter in Iceland, riding tours and activities will be planned accordingly day by day. The plan is to ride tours of about 2 hours every day, followed by visits to breeding farms and other activities.

Don’t forget to bring warm clothing! Please disinfect all riding clothes and equipment.

Please note that you have to arrange your own travel Reykjavik-Hofsós for this tour. There is a bus service Reykjavik-Saudarkrokur from where we can pick you up, or you can rent a car. Please don’t hesitate to call if you want to discuss the best option for you.

Photo: Lena Jovén


11 – 16 February
19 – 24 February

Price: 1.300 €