Riding Tours

The north of Iceland is classic ground for the Icelandic horse. In the Skagafjördur area you will find many of the best well known breeding farms. It is also spectacularly beautiful, with mighty mountains next to the sea. The light and the colours must be experienced on site.


Visit “The Horse’s Paradise”: The riding tours starts from our stable area in Hofsós, and will take you into the beautiful valleys of Unadalur, Deildardalur and Hjaltadalur. From here you can see Skagafjördur, the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains.

We offer four different types of summer tours: the Combo Tour, that combines historical outings, exciting tales, private lessons and riding in the beautiful landscape. And of course we still do our favourite, the JF Classic Tour. We offer the very popular and exciting tour the Silver Circle, over the highlands. We end the summer with the Mountain Tour – a chance to experience the old horse trail from Hofsós across the valleys to Dalvik, where Jóhann grew up and started his long life and love with the horses. A truly unique chance to follow in the footsteps (or rather horseshoes) of one of Iceland’s most experienced horsemen.

During the summer tours we ride with a herd of free running horses, and will change horses during the day. The last day of the JF Classic Tour and the Combo Tour we ride far into Unadalur where most of our horses spend nearly five months a year. Here you can experience the tranquility, the mighty landscape and the eternal freedom, that some refer to as “The Horse’s Paradise”.

You are also welcome to the annual Horse Round Up in September, or the Winter Tour in February that will give you the opportunity to experience Iceland as a true winter wonder land.

Photo: Lina Kronholm & Tommi Muhonen

The current situation with Covid-19 makes it difficult to plan ahead. We follow all recommendations from the authorities. At the moment we are counting on being able to go through with all of our tours in 2021. We are happy to take preliminary bookings for coming tours, and together with you decide if you want to complete the trip closer to the current date.
Take care! / JF Hestar